Access Control

Access Control

Access Control

PAFI are able to design install and maintain a wide variety of access control systems. From a system comprising just a few doors, right up to building wide, server based system, incorporating intruder alarm and CCTV integration.

Our many years of experience mean that we can advise the correct host system as well as leading edge peripheral components to ensure that you have complete control, with full entry/exit log information.

Using all of the latest technologies, including smart cards, HID proximity cards, biometric etc. we can control any type of door, gate or turnstile utilizing a WAN/LAN based host system.

Restricting entry to specific areas of your facility on a “need to access” basis can form a vital part of your loss prevention and risk management strategy.

Access control systems generally utilize 3 main methods of entry.

  • Keypad entry with PIN number access.
  • An encoded proximity card or key fob which must be passed close to a “reader”
  • A biometric system which can scan a fingerprint for example

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Access Control

Information from any of these systems is passed to a centralized monitor which will then verify the input and trigger an electric door lock for a short period of time allowing access.

Access control can also be utilized on car parks using the same methods and a boom instead of a lock.

Access control can range from small stand alone systems able to cope with a few persons and doors, up to large scale systems allowing entry to thousands of persons and covering many hundreds of doors. Such systems require computer (server based) control monitoring.

Access control systems offer huge advantages over traditional lock and key systems, giving companies detailed information about who has been where and at what time, and by integrating a system with CCTV can provide visual records of all entries.